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Digitize your Business

Check, edit and distribute your business data to over 150 platforms, navigation systems and smartphone apps with one “click”. Improve your listings on all major search engines (SEO). See how your customers rate your locations, interact with them and keep your locations up to date where ever you are.

  • Data Security and Control
  • Online Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Enterprise Digitalization 4.0
  • Customer Flow Analysis
1 Year License Duration
Per Month 20,00


Socialize your shop

Spread your social advertising messages with just one “click” to relevant social channels. Answer any customers’ message or comment no matter where it came from directly via bspotted. Statistical data helps to improve your business’s online presence and reach, without having to spend any more marketing budget.

  • Social Media Dashbord
  • Multichannel Management
  • Enhanced Customer Reach
  • Digital Curtomer Care 4.0
  • Marketing Analysis
1 Month License Duration
Per Month 15,00


Boost your marketplace

Your digital presence on 150+ platforms. Always have customer reviews, messages and comments at a glance. Greatly increase your social media reach without spending any additional marketing budget. Provided statistics help you to improve your online presence. Improve your listings on all major search engines (SEO).

  • State of the Art Online Marketing
  • Customer Loyalty (B2C)
  • Advanced SEO
  • Digitalization 4.0
  • 360o Location & Marketing Analysis
1 Month License Duration
Per Month 30,00

Our Product Offering

The professional digitalization of your business is like building a house - it needs a strong foundation. Bspotted offers a comprehensive solution to optimize your online presence. Your business will be found in the digital world!

Data Management

Your correct listing on more than 150 internet platforms, smartphone applications and navigation systems with one click.

Security and Control

Your business data will be tracked and kept correct throughour integrated security check. Authorized changes being pushed instantly.

Online Marketing

Correct business listings on a hughe variation of internet platforms are the base for succesful online marketing strategies.

Local SEO

WHereever a customer will search for your offerings you will be listed perfect. Search engines ranking will improve within short period.

Digitization 4.0

Increase your business impact and expand your reach with state of the art digitization powered by bspotteds cloud based solution.

Customer Analysis

See where your customers are searching and what they aretalking about you. Customer stream analytics help to improve your business.

Social Media Manager

Manage and control all your social media channels, streams, feeds, tweets, instas, comments and more within one single system.

Social Dashboard

Check your post performance, reached sales results based on your social media activity and your customers engagement with your business.

Multichannel Manager

Manage all your social media channels, create tailored post and spread your marketing message to the social audience with one click.

Enhanced Reach

More channels, more views, more likes, more check-ins more shared messages and increased word of mouth power, no additional expenses.

Customer Care 4.0

Ratings, reviews, comments, messages of all your social media channels in a glance. Never miss a customer quote and reply instantly.

Marketing Analysis

Compare your post performance of recent marketing activities, take this information, improve constantly to reach the maximum audience.

Marketing Booster

Combine the maximum possible reach of digitization and social media power and become a digital player to expand your business.

State of the Art

Online Marketing, the fastest growing and most powerful tool to fight against online shops and next doors competition.

Customer Loyalty (B2C)

React to your consumers wishes, thoughts and input instantly. Improve your customer loyalty and stay aware of whats going on.

Advanced SEO

Your correct listing on 150+ platforms combined with multichannel social media activity will keep your business on the first page.

Digitization 4.0

Manage the rapidly growing digitization with one platform and no further expenses for SEO and other marketing activities.

360° Analysis

Get the best overview of all your customers activities and behavior, take this information serious and grow your business place.

How to Setup your digital presence

Increase your impact and expand your online marketing reach with bspotted. The cloud-must-have tool for businesses today.



Ckeck you business listing and find the best product for your needs or select your personal favorite product.



The system will lead you through some simple steps to connect your social media channels and enter your business data.


Engage & React

Start to post, check and use the system. See what your customers are talking about you and react instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can it be that I’m found better if I use bspotted’s system?

Your corrected and updated data will be forwarded and distributed by our system to all relevant platforms and social channels. Search engines detect consistent and accurate data a lot better - thus you will be ranked higher among the search results.

Do I have to monitor my data or does the system do this for me?

You have to enter your data correctly one time, since you know all your important business data. Bspotted’s system however, takes over the task of continuous monitoring. Intrusions into your data structure by third parties will be controlled and prevented.

If I start using multiple platforms, will my daily efforts for social media activities increase in the process as well?

Once all relevant platforms have been activated through bspotted’s system, your effort managing them will not increase. Bspotted’s social media feature carries out your online presence for you. You have to enter your business information only once - and of course additional information. With just one “click” your information and posts go to every activated platform.

To what extend does the usage of Bspotted increase the reach of my postings?

Through standard use of our system, we could observe an increase of reach by 150% on average. Our system also helps you in planning your posts! It monitors your fan’s online activities and lets you know when most of them are online and on top of that suggest the optimal time for sharing your post.

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  • State of the Art Online Marketing
  • Customer Loyalty (B2C & CRM)
  • Advanced Local SEO
  • Enterprise Digitalization 4.0
  • 360° Location and Marketing Analysis